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Before going to the main point, let me introduce the plugins and the programming language we will use in RPG Maker MV.

In MV, the scripts we development and add to the game will be called plugins. In my opinion, the new term is much more clear and understandable. For more information about plugins installation, you can take a look at Yanfly's Installing Plugins Tutorial.

Unlike previous RPG Maker engines, the programming language is JavaScript now. Do not mistake with Java, they are different languages!

And now, let's take a look at some tools, tutorials, books and articles for JavaScript development!

IDE & Editor

  1. Atom
    Atom, in my opinion, is the best free jack of all trades editor. It supports multiplatform, autocompletion and the awesome feature hackable, which mean you can customize the editor to match your taste and uses. There are plenty of plugins for Atom to support the development. I highly recommend using Atom for development.
  2. Visual Studio
    A true IDE for you, and JavaScript is one of the first-class language in Visual Studio, which means you can use most or all of the standard editing tools or helpers for development. The downside of Visual Studio is the size and memory usage. If you are a fan of IDE (and of Microsoft/Visual Studio!), this might be your choice.
  3. Notepad++
    A simple yet powerful jack of all trades editor. I haven't used this much, but I think it is powerful enough for development. Also, it's very lightweight!
  4. Brackets
    Update soon
  1. WebStorm
    Well-known as the best IDE for web development (includes JavaScript, of course!). I haven't used much, but as far as I tried, it was very good and had many tools and helpers for JavaScript (and Node.JS if you want to mess around with server). The debugger is really good, if you are not a fan of Chromium's Developer Tools (the same as Chrome's), WebStorm's debugger is an alternative choice for you. Also it is free for students!
  2. Sublime Text
    Pretty much the same as Atom, and in my opinion, the most of the tasks and processes in Sublime Text is better than Atom. The editor itself is not free; however, you can use it without paying (there is no limit). If you can support the author of Sublime Text by buying it, I highly recommend using this for development.


The language itself is easy to learn if you have some programming foundation. However, JavaScript has been being known as the good yet ugly programming language, so I think you still have to read some books for the patterns and what to avoid in JS.

  1. Javascript Patterns (Paid)
    Really a good book to read when learning JavaScript, it has mostly patterns we can find in JS development and what kind of code should be avoided. Highly recommend.
  2. JavaScript: The Good Parts (Paid)
    If you hate JavaScript, or have any grudge against this language, I think this will be the book for you.
  3. Tons of free books
    A compilation of free ebooks for programming (includes JavaScript). The ones I recommend are JavaScript Essentials and JavaScript Patterns Collection.
  4. MDN JavaScript
    Not really a book, but contains many tutorials, article and also APIs collection. Highly recommend. Also there is a tutorial for Object-oriented Programming in JavaScript in this site.

JavaScript Preprocessor

In case JavaScript is too ugly in syntax, or you want to try some other languages for development, this sections is written for you. All languages or processor below will be compiled into JavaScript, so that you don't have to worry about using them for your plugins.

  1. CoffeeScript
    Most used in JavaScript-related development. The syntax looks like both Ruby and Python, which are really easy to learn. Scripts written in CoffeeScript, in my opinion, look a lot cleaner and shorter than JavaScript. Highly recommend if you don't like JavaScript.
  2. TypeScript
    More object-oriented traditional language, it uses a lot of ECMA6 syntax, and looks a lot like many other popular object-oriented programming languages like Java, C#.


  1. JSHint
    I highly recommend developers to use this tool to check if your scripts are written good and safe enough. One mistake in JavaScript (typo in variable for example) will drive the whole system working incorrectly. There is no problem for checking the code a few times before running or publishing, isn't it?
  2. Gulp
    This tool is much more advanced, but it will save a lot of your time in development. Gulp will help you to build an automation script that will build, test or checking your code everytime you run this tool or everytime you edit the plugins.
  3. Browserify
    This will help you a lot in building a modular library without concat or write in only one file.


  1. I will write more Tutorial for plugins development when RPG Maker MV is officially released.
  2. I would love to see comments and feedbacks on my Tutorials/Articles.

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