YED - Transfer & Steal States

The Transfer & Steal States provides skill effects where user can steal target's states or transfer his own states to target.

There is no requirement for this plugin.
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You can grab the Plugin here:
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Place the Word Wrapping plugin below any core plugins from other engines, such as Yanfly Engine, and configure the plugin to your taste.

The plugin provides following notetags for Skills

<Steal Allow: X, X, X>
Allows user to steal certain states from target.

<Transfer Allow: X, X, X>
Allows user to transfer certain states to target.

<Steal N States: Order>
Makes skill to be steal states skill, which steal N allowed states from target with Order priority.

<Transfer N States: Order>
Makes skill to be transfer states skill, which transfer N allowed states to target with Order priority.

There are 4 Order priority for Transferring & Stealing States:

high priority
Order by higher state priority

low priority
Order by lower state priority

Pick randomly allowed states

last states
Only pick states added this turn

Happy RPG Making!

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